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B&B Basics: The Body - Breath Basics of Singing

In Comprehensive Vocal Technique, one must first gather physical awareness of these two foundational elements in this specific order before even beginning to sing (phonation):



Without educating the singer about what an ideal body alignment is and how specific parts of the body should be used to achieve this, breath management will be made more difficult to execute . If you have no proper breath management, the optimal closure and opening of the vocal folds during phonation will be inhibited. In other words, no body alignment = poor breath management = poor singing.

Remember, YOUR BODY IS YOUR INSTRUMENT. By knowing how your instrument works, you will have greater control over your development and your sound.


The next few sections of this blog will go into detail as to what constitutes body alignment and what is involved in breath management. With these basic building blocks established, I will transition into how these elements are used for basic phonation (stage 1).

As you learn more about your body during this process, I encourage you to keep a journal of your physical journey. A very important element to Comprehensive Vocal Technique is self observation (physically, mentally, aurally). It is important to take time to reflect upon what you do so that you can be more self-sufficient and become the expert to your own body and voice as time goes on.

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