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Comprehensive Vocal Technique

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Great to have you here!

This blog is for:

  • those who want to start singing and would like to know how to go about it

  • those who sing already, but don't really understand how the heck they do things right or wrong

  • singers who've been told to "sing naturally" yet have no clue what that means, have lost this feeling, or not yet achieved it

  • those who feel lost about their technique and are not sure how to go about fixing themselves

  • voice students and voice teachers who are looking for a simplified, body- oriented approach with concrete steps and exercises to resolve vocal problems and deficiencies

  • voice teachers who have never valued a scientific approach to try and use a truly physiological comprehensive vocal technique

  • those who have read all the books about singing, but still don't know how to connect the dots and translate scientific knowledge into concrete practice

Love your voice teacher

Comprehensive Vocal Technique is not a technique meant to replace your voice teacher, nor is it the solution to all vocal problems. However, it is an enabling technique meant to help you understand your body and voice so that you can resolve your own vocal problems on your own together with the various teachers you may meet along your vocal journey.

Body Awareness Development as a singer

The Comprehensive Vocal Technique Blog is meant to give singers, from beginners to advanced, a more self-aware and physical approach within a defined structure to assist in building their own vocal technique and setting structured goals for long term vocal development. The technique is meant to increase the understanding of the physiology of the body and the voice a more visceral, experiential and tactile experience for singers in any stage of their development. Although many exercises can be done alone, it is important to have a pair of professional and experienced ears that can give you direct feedback to support your aural development of what "good singing" actually is.

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